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Cat® wheel loaders make your work safer, faster, more precise and profitable.

Cat compact models deliver high performance, versatility and precision in any application. These small machines offer superior performance, fast cycle times and versatility to help you move more material.

compact small wheel loaders
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Why choose Compact & Small Wheel Loaders

  • No-hassle emissions system

    The Cat engine in these machines is designed to manage itself. You don’t have to monitor any lights or gauges. The 906/7/8M has a fit for life clean emissions module, that works without any operator intervention.
    The 910/914/920 only requires the addition of DEF Fluid when required in its after treatment module.

  • Get more from your tyres

    Reduce the wear on your tyres with rimpull control. Adjust the torque up or down to match the ground conditions and minimise tyre spin.

  • Lift with control

    Caterpillar’s optimised z-bar linkage maximises digging efficiency as well as ensuring parallel lift while using forks both help you handle loads efficiently, safely and precisely.

  • Versatile

    You can adapt these models to a variety of attachments. Some models offer high flow options so you can run attachments more efficiently.

“This machine is able to handle heavy loads and move fluidly throughout work sites without issues."

Mark Gould - owner of Gould Construction.
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A focused look at two models and some shared features across the range.

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This model can be used with complex attachments to make a range of tasks easy. The electro-hydraulic system provides low effort, fine control with fast cycle times. You can adjust the responsiveness with the push of a button, which allows you to set up the machine exactly the way you want it, based on the application.

compact small wheel loaders for hire and sale
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This model features a C3.6 engine, the Cat® Optimised Z-bar Loader linkage, various work tools, a state-of-the-art electro-hydraulic system, a tuned drivetrain, a cab with all-around visibility, extended service intervals and excellent service access, and standard fuel savings features.

compact wheel loaders

Technical features

906m 55 kW 3,405 kg 3,227 mm
908M 55 kW 3,770 kg 3,410 mm
910 74 kW 4,898 kg 3,673 mm
914 74 kW 5,265 kg 3,701 mm
914 90 kW 6,026 kg 3,818 mm

Some features are optional and/or model specific. The specs above show the most common regional configuration.

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