large bucket attachment for backhoe loader


Dig, load, carry, level, dump and grade in a variety of applications.

fork attachment for backhoe loader


With several sizes and options available, you can find the best log and lumber fork carriages for the task. Extra pallet fork tines in different sizes help you move bulky materials or pallets on construction and industrial sites.



Change work tools quickly with Cat hitches. They improve overall production and increase the versatility of your machine.

road cleaning attachment for skid steer loader


Hydraulic and manual Cat angle brooms are ideal for clearing car parks, industrial plants, mill yards, airport runways, streets, driveways and lanes.

concrete breaker attachment


Cat® hammers give you maximum performance on demolition, construction and road-work sites.

road planing CAT machinery

Cold Planers

Quickly and economically remove asphalt, concrete or imperfections prior to resurfacing. Cold planers are ideal for removing deteriorated pavement or traffic lane stripes, and jobs where the use of dedicated planers is limited.

flail mulcher attachments


Enjoy high-performance cutting and mulching of vegetation and overgrowth. Perfect for creating fire lanes, land reclamation, removing foliage and shredding organic material for biomass production. Clear land and overgrowth efficiently and easily with Cat brushcutters, or choose Cat industrial brushcutters for maintaining rights of way, clearing land and brush cutting.

attachments for excavators and wheel loaders


Cat augers are designed for maximum productivity in a broad range of soil types. Ideal for drilling holes in construction, agricultural, and landscaping environments. Use auger bits to insert fencing, footings, signposts, trees and shrubs.

rock silhouette

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